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Posted [sticky post] on 2012.11.18 at 19:02
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Earcandy: Wataru Hatano - Hikari
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How To Ride Your Dragon

Posted on 2015.07.27 at 23:19
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Earcandy: Ashesborn - Desire
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Title: How To Ride Your Dragon
Pairing: Volga x Kain Highwind, unrequited!Kain Highwind/Cecil Harvey
Rating: M
Disclaimer: All characters and locations within this fic are the property of their respective creators. I own nothing.

«These lands hold beauty, but this beauty can often be deadly. Pray tell how many nights have you spent here since crossing the borders?»Collapse )

The Price of a Dream

Posted on 2015.05.06 at 21:22
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Earcandy: David Hasselhoff - True Survivor
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Title: The Price of a Dream
Pairing: implied Luffy x Sanji, implied Luffy x Nami
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Eiichiro Oda Sensei owns everything.


«Luffy became the Pirate King, but at what price? On the island of Raftel, at the very edge of the world, two people lie reminiscing about their journey and their nakama who gave their lives to fulfill the dream of their captain.»Collapse )

Posted on 2015.04.25 at 19:17
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Earcandy: Mike Oldfield - Nuclear
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Title: Red Stars
Pairing: Arumat P. Thanatos x Crowe F. Almedio
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I own nothing. [Illustration picture was drawn for me by a very talented anon in a drawing thread on 4chan years ago.]

Arumat x Crowe

«Opposites attract, or so says an old Earthling saying. Arumat firmly believed equals attract, but what do you do when you meet a redhead very much the opposite from yourself in matters of the mind yet so equal to you in matters of the body?»Collapse )

Bury All Your Secrets In My Skin

Posted on 2015.04.05 at 23:43
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Title: Bury All Your Secrets In My Skin
Pairing: Theodor 'Golbez' Harvey x Kain Highwind, unrequited Kain Highwind/Cecil Harvey
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. If I did, well you know what this game would've looked like then. [Artist of illustration picture is unknown to me. if you know who it is, please tell!]


"As Golbez watches Kain withering away from his unrequited love for Cecil, feelings forcefully put to slumber in the darkest recesses of his mind awakens. He broke him once, he vows to never do it again."Collapse )

Kimi Wa Ore No Chiisana Hikari

Posted on 2014.05.07 at 11:15
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Earcandy: Wataru Hatano - Hikari
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Title: Kimi Wa Ore No Chiisana Hikari (You Are My Little Light)
Pairing: Ratio x Birthday
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing. A piece who came to me all by itself in record time! [Source of illustration picture: ゆた]


«You are my light, my heartbeat, my everything. Without you I am nothing.»Collapse )


Can you?

Posted on 2013.08.04 at 20:31
Kan du smile gjennom tårer,
når din drøm blir knust til støv?
Kan du skimte nye vårer,
gjennom høstens visne løv?
Kan du miste dine venner,
for din tanke og din tro,
og stå ensom når de brenner,
fellesskapets trygge bro?
Kan du tilgi de som smiler,
skjevt når alt går deg imot?
Og som skyter hånens piler,
i din såre hjerterot?
Kan du glemme sorg og smerte,
spott og urett, hån og svik,
uten bitterhet i hjertet,
er du meget, meget rik.

To my dearest Tommy, whom I loved dearly.

Posted on 2013.05.04 at 20:34
Current Mood: sadsad
Today it finally happened. I had anticipated it for some time, but it still came way too soon.
A near and dear family member became too sick to be able to continue his life without being in tremendous pain.

Tommy, our beautiful Norwegian Forest cat, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14.

Tommy led a good life. He was loved and taken care of for all those years. He lived through quite a few scares and fights with other cats and misc animals. He was a fighter. A fighter to the very end.
He had a HUGE personality. Always showing us whether he was happy and content or annoyed and sulky because he couldn't have a taste of the food we had on our dinner plate.

Whenever I visited my mom and dad, I would call his name and say hello to him and he would respond in a loud voice how happy he was to see me, running up to me and stroking himself on my leg.
He was very much a talker. Always having something on his mind.

I know we made the right decision by not letting him suffer anymore. I know he knew as well. It still hurts very much though, as he was practically a family member.

He is in cat heaven now. And I am sure he has found our previous family cats and are sitting together with them, talking about us and just enjoying a peaceful and painfree existence.

Tommy, I love you and always will. I'll never forget you. Sleep well, little prince.

My World of Warcraft characters artwork~

Posted on 2013.02.13 at 22:56
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While playing, I always RP'ed my characters in my own head, making up personalities for them and different adventures they were on.
I also wanted to draw them in different scenarios as well but alas, I am not a very good artist. But who said I had to be the one to draw!?
One year at the wonderful forum Aarinfantasy, I was lucky enough to have an amazing person do my Secret Santa wish for me and thus, fantastic art was born!

Click to view the magicCollapse )

Heavens a Lie

Posted on 2012.11.17 at 01:38
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Earcandy: Lacuna Coil - Heavens a Lie
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Title: Heavens a Lie
Pairing: Golbez/Theodor Harvey x Kain Highwind, unrequited Kain Highwind/Cecil Harvey
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing. [Heavens a Lie is a song by Lacuna Coil.
Artist of illustration picture is unknown. Please send me a link if you know who made it.]

«Traitors doesn't deserve love. He didn't deserve love. But in the deep of the night, he could pretend. Pretend it wasn't Golbez who loomed above him, taking hold of his mind. He could lose himself in lily-white hair and hot touches, and whisper his name. 'Cecil...'.»Collapse )


~Hilarious porn~

Posted on 2012.06.26 at 15:33
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Earcandy: RuPaul - Cover Girl
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Just had a re-read through these amazing gems of bad porn, provided by jupirock for the community weepingcock

The collection, NSFW obviously: Have fun!



"his dewing scrotum glistening like a grandmother under the fluorescent lights."

Have fun!



Posted on 2012.02.19 at 19:44
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How funny it is, with men saying that its the woman's job to take care off, raise and generally see to the well-being of kids, but suddenly when the question of having an abortion come up, they want the right to have a say in whether to keep it or not! 


Norwegian politics

Posted on 2012.02.12 at 16:25
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Norway has massively disappointed me.

I know we have our own portion of fuckery going on, but I always believed (I see naively now) that we were a bit better when it came to women's rights, abortion, contraception and the likes. Turns out I was wrong.

I follow communities like childfree, cf_hardcore and wtf_sexism closely since these provide information about topics that I burn for.
Through them I learn a lot how it is to be a woman in the US (and other countries) and how their rights are handled.
I was disgusted when I learnt that apothecaries in the US can deny to handle your prescription if this prescription is on birth control pills and such, due to their own personal and religious beliefs!

Newsflash for me was that its somehow like that in Norway too! 

I don't know about the apothecaries but doctors in Norway can on personal and religious ground, deny to help you if you come seeking abortion, IVF (if you are a lesbian) and even information about contraception! They can even refuse to refer you further to a different doctor or clinic!

How I got to know this is through our newspaper, a woman sitting in our government seeks to remove this right that the doctors have to deny helping you, which is all good in my opinion, I am just shaken by knowing the fact that the right to deny was a reality here!

I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled. How the hell can anyone justify a doctor refusing to help someone because of their lifestyle, choices or non-choices (like being gay), because of personal or religious opinion!? They are here to help people goddammit!!

If you decide to become a doctor, you are sure to one day meet patients who might wish for things that might be ethically or morally wrong for yourself. So why not rethink your career choice if you have problems with things like these?

But by all means, you can still become a doctor if you are against abortion, but you should not have the right to deny even referring the patient to a different doctor or clinic!
If I were against abortion and got a patient that wished for it, I would of course refer them to somewhere else, but I'd also tell them (without being condescending) that there are other options and maybe give them information on it. But in the end, the choice lies solely with the patient!!

Just gonna be Dr. Farnsworth here and say: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

Master List of Doujinshi & Fanfiction

Posted on 2012.01.13 at 16:07
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Earcandy: Nine Inch Nails - Closer
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Under construction! o ᴥ o

+Under Construction+Collapse )



Posted on 2012.01.04 at 19:09
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I did it! In a moment of crazy I, an EU player, bought myself an US account!
Thus starts my adventure on Wyrmrest Accord with the Bards of Azeroth!

I am so excited!



Posted on 2011.08.10 at 03:55
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Earcandy: Lady Gaga - Judas
3rd night in a row this! I am wide awake at 04:00 AM >:(


Posted on 2011.05.28 at 23:26
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Earcandy: Enrique Iglesisas - Tonight (I'm fucking you)
Wops! I think I managed to buy 4 Tiger & Bunny doujinshis from Ebay. Ouch ^^

Well hello there!

Posted on 2011.04.25 at 02:07
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Earcandy: Katy Perry - E.T

How shall this end?

Its like a year since my last post!


A lifesign!

Posted on 2010.06.12 at 01:18
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Earcandy: Scientist - Your teeth in my neck

 Yes, that is what it is, a sign that I am alive and still are neglecting my LJ!  :D

Corset Piercings

Posted on 2010.01.10 at 15:30
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Earcandy: Ville Valo ft. Natalia Avelon - Summer Wine
The piercing studio in my town is searching for a subject to do corset piercings on for a photoshoot.
Hadn't it been for my health issues I would so take the spot as canvas!

This is a corset piercingCollapse )


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